Here's What Tracy's Customers Are Saying

It was a great pleasure to work with Tracy. She is a great problem solver, listens carefully to her client, comes up with good ideas, has access to high quality materials and excellent seamstresses and installers. She appreciates different styles of decor, including my own eccentric and eclectic tastes, which include a lot of antiques. And, very important, things get done in a very timely way.
- Catherine Lazier

Tracy was so fun to work with; she was pleasant, professional and prompt. She enthusiastically tackled big and small projects while respecting my vision and my budget! The final products surpassed my expectations; I can't wait to get started on the next project!!!
- Michelle Doyle

To an outstanding Interior Decorator, Tacy Cameron: Thank you for helping us create an awesome living room that we truly love to spend time in. This room was once dark, empty, and un-inspiring but that all changed on January 23, 2012. My reveal day was more than I could imagine it to be. Tracy, you certainly captured the exact essence of what we as a family wanted in this room. You listened attentively to us as the end result was absolutely beautiful. What amazed me the most about you was your ability to understand my style immediately from the beginning. Your guidance and understanding with us as we moved through the process was comforting. As my children have said, 'Mom, the room is cozy now and I like hanging out here, it's fun.' Mission accomplished!!!! Through out this process I had an amazing time, not only did we end up gaining one fabulous room, we also gained a friend.
- Pam Rose

I do not like to shop - you did it for me. Not finding what I wanted was so frustrating - you found items I love that I did not know I wanted or even existed. Al and I are so 'at home' and pleased with your efforts. And - icing on the cake - our friends and family think it is beautiful too. I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting help and advice.
- Marg Payzant

I have lived 24 years in the same home, raised a large family, lived a fast paced life, then finally had that moment to slow down, take a good look at my surroundings. I knew it was time to take care of all of those years of wear and tear that I did not see yesterday, room to room things that worked when children were small but not today and wondered where do I start? I was out of “my” element and suffering a creative road block. I was fortunate to have been given the phone number of Opal Interiors, and Tracy Cameron. My creative journey was revved up after the initial consultation / session with this designer. In some instances, Interior Designers have a tendency to wash over you with no desire to reflect on your taste or personality. Tracy was thoughtful, respectful of my ideas and concerns. Tracy listened carefully before offering suggestions. She is articulate and quite dependable on follow through and attention to the minutest detail. Tracy was able to take me beyond the present and gave me a glance to the future which is reflected in the selections made for my home. They are all of basic, modern, warm, unique, but put together, are ultimately comfortable and elegant. To me, each room flows beautifully and elegantly. I have hired Opal Interiors and Tracy Cameron for our third project, which is testimony to her consistency, and my trust in her management of the entire project process from design and scheduling through to that last detail.
- Rhonda, Halifax NS

I have recently bought a home in the Halifax area and my move was much less stressful because of Tracy at Opal Interiors. I found Tracy to be thoughtful and respectful of my ideas and concerns, listened carefully before offering suggestions. She is an excellent communicator and is dependable in her follow through. She is very creative and has a strong knowledge of products, fabrics and services. Her customer service is excellent. I recommend Tracy without reservation - you really are a pro.
- Nola Perry